Fotografije plus-sajz manekenke koje su “osvojile” Instagram

Plus-sajz manekenka Hanter Mekgrejdi fotkala se za izdanje poznatog “Sports Ilustrejteda” posvećenog kupaćim kostima, a njega fotografija se brzinom svjetlosti proširila internetom.

Lijepa manekenka, koju krase prirodna ljepota i naglašeni ženski atributi za potrebe magazina pozirala je na plaži, odjevena samo u šareni kupaći kostim koji nam je pružio pogled na njene grudi, ali i raskošne obline.

Someone I worked with just expressed to me that Instagram just took down a photo of me after she had posted a photo of each of us girls individually that were a part of the Sports Illustrated model search. It is such an important photo and I am so proud of it. We are each in body paint and showcasing our body in similar and beautiful ways. We are so brainwashed as a society to think that my type of body is unacceptable and if they see it in any other way than completely covered up it is wrong. It's terrifying and I will not let my future children or loved ones grow up and live in such a twisted world. My body type and ALL body types will continue to be shown in the media. It's disturbing and makes me feel sick to my stomach. I pray that anyone who thinks this way and is so awfully closed minded would open their hearts and open their minds to realizing this is a revolution and it's not going to stop. Its not a fad, so you better get on board. There is NOTHING to be ashamed of you beautiful fucking women. ALL of you. I don't care if you're a size 0 or a size 24+ YOU. ARE. WORTHY. #ALLWORTHY

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